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Dermacote riconcimazione Plus

Dermacote riconcimazione Plus

Dermacote Revamping Plus is the best choice among slow release fertilizers!

Dermacote Revamping Plus is the best choice among slow release fertilizers!

The new fertilizer DERMACOTE PLUS, is specially designed and made by Agraria Checchi Silvano Spa for the reconcimazione of ornamental plants in container in the nursery.

What is it and why is it done?

Re-topping is an important technique to keep plants in top condition. In most cases, growers need to administer extra fertilizer after the plants have been transplanted into the container.

This practice is used when the basic fertilization in the soil is reduced or exhausted (for example for plants potted in autumn/winter or plants or potted for 1 or more years) or when there is a need to quickly greening the plants before sale.

What are the characteristics of this fertilizer?

It is an organo-mineral fertilizer NPK contitolo 16.5.5 that combines slow-release organic nitrogen with the technology of controlled release of wrapped fertilizers, in a ready-to-use and easy-to-use product that guarantees an excellent recovery of plants.
DERMACOTE RICONCIMAZIONE PLUS has been made using the best raw materials on the market:

• In fact, it contains a high percentage of the wrapped product, that is OSMOCOTE for a prolonged release of nutrients;
• The organic part comes from high quality hydrolyzed leather;
• The high presence of iron, available from both chelated and sulfate sources wrapped in membrane; in addition to magnesium immediately available for an excellent greening effect


Si tratta in un fertilizzante organo-minerale NPK contitolo 16.5.5 che unisce l'azoto organico a lento rilascio naturale con la tecnologia a cessione controllata dei concimi avvolti, in un prodotto pronto uso e di facile utilizzo che garantisce un'ottima ripresa delle piante.
DERMACOTE RICONCIMAZIONE PLUS è statorealizzato utilizzando le migliori materie prime presenti sul mercato:

• Contiene infatti u nelevata percentuale di prodotto avvolto, ovvero OSMOCOTE per un rilascio dei nutrienti prolungato nel tempo;
• La parte organica proviene da cuoio idrolizzato di elevata qualità;
• L'elevata presenza di ferro, disponibile sia da fonti chelate che da solfato avvolto da membrana; oltre a magnesio immediatamente disponibile per un ottimo effetto rinverdente


Why do we recommend it?

It differs from other fertilizers for the reconciming of potted plants because:

• The nitrogen forms present in the product are well balanced to ensure optimum efficiency in all climatic conditions;
• The slow release part is completely wrapped by a membrane of only the best quality resin, whose release is constant and gradual over time . While the non-wrapped part is pure highly soluble, it is completely and readily assimilated by the plant. This results in a showy immediate effect and a planned disposal for about 6 months:
• It is produced in a certified fertilizer processing plant able to guarantee the integrity of the covered part of the fertilizer after mixing;
• The massive presence of iron and magnesium soluble enhance the green coloring of plants and stimulate their growth, In addition, the various technologies used make sure that the product does not stain during the application phase and is not subsequently washed away by irrigation or heavy rain;
• It is a dust-free product, safe for plants and operators, and contains all the necessary elements for a perfect growth d which makes it excellent in nursery.

Already tested last year and now further improved, as we report the nurseries who use it, we can say that it is the best choice among the cover fertilizers to slow release, for the reconcimazione of ornamental plants in pots.

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