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About us

Silvano Checchi began his professional training as an employee in a company in Pescia (PT) that operated in the floriculture sector. From this experience and from the intuition that in Pistoia, the center of Italian horticulture, lacked a commercial company able to provide the necessary tools for the expansion of the sector, was born in 1975 Agraria Checchi Silvano.

From the first "shop" on the bridge in Bonelle, approaching for over 40 years with constant seriousness and professionalism, Agraria Checchi has now become a leading company in the Italian and international market for the production and sale of products for agriculture and nurseries.

Our Staff is here to help you

The experience

The staff consists of qualified and professional staff always available to the customer, ready to listen to requests and meet the needs by offering the most suitable products and materials.

The experience of Agraria Checchi Silvano has developed over many years of work in a region, Tuscany and in particular Pistoia which is the first in Italy for nursery production, especially of plants and flowers, but also conifers, trees, climbers, shrubs, exotic plants, and contributes 6% to the European Union’s horticultural production.

In this context of high specialization and production, the company has been able to grow, expanding its market internationally, and investing in increasingly innovative technical equipment and tools, anticipating the industry innovations to offer the customer, whether it nursery, garden center, or farm.