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Blister trays, sowing boxes and accessories

To make the plants grow well starting from the seed we have different types of products: the blister trays, made of plastic and safe and protected shelter in all seasons and perforated sowing trays.

For a better development of small plants, especially those with erect stem, the most used system is that of the alveolar containers, of different types according to the substrate.

Blister trays  for nursery and agriculture: the characteristics

The biodegradable jars Fertil Pot are growing jars in biodegradable vegetable fiber. High penetrability to air, water and roots makes this type of alveoli unique and suitable for obtaining a faster cultivation, with excellent rooting and no stress to transplant.

This type of jar can be housed in Herkuplast round sockets.

The Fertiss blister trays instead have inside a clod composed of a special substrate wrapped in a non-woven layer. It was developed a recipe specifically for Agraria Checchi to encourage the recirculation of air and the escape of the roots. The recipe is a balanced daily mix and water. Aeration is the feature that ensures proper drainage.