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Rotational pots

Rotational pots use the latest technological principles applied to the sector. They are realized thanks to the rotational moulding technique and the result is a polyethylene product, shockproof, light and resistant to U.V. rays and thermal shoks.

Teiplast is the material born from the use of rotational molding: a thermoplastic resin that put in special aluminum molds heated and simultaneously rotated inside an oven so that the material is distributed perfectly around the walls. It is an industrial procedure but also requires manual and artisanal intervention with the result of having a limited production of great value.


The advantages of rotational pots

The use of rotational pots has several advantages:

  • lightness

  • impact resistance

  • resistance to UV rays.

  • resistance to thermal shok

  • 100% recyclable

Excellent results can be obtained thanks to the use of anti-spiralization vessels, the maximum innovation in this sector.

vasi rotazionali per il vivaismo
vaso jumbo - vasi rotazionali - vaso decorativo da esterno

Jumbo Pot

The Jumbo Pot is perfect for use in urban environments.

Smooth outside and with reinforced bottom, it is available in many colors and sizes to meet all the different needs of use and style. See more details

lira pot - rotational pots - decorative outdoor pots

Lira Pot

The Lira Pot is a smooth product with a simple and linear design but innovative at the same time, suitable for the outdoors but also for the interiors. See more details

festooned pot - rotational pots - decorative outdoor pot

Festonato Pot

The Festonato Pot is made in typical Tuscan style and available in the classic colors of terracotta and Siena but also in many other colors. Available in various sizes. See more details

Gemini square pot - rotational pots - decorative outdoor pot

Gemini Square Pot

Gemini square Pot is made in a smooth series with a modern style and can be used both indoors and outdoors, thus lending itself to a very versatile use. See more details.

sagitta box - rotational pots - decorative outdoor pot

Sagitta flower box

The Sagitta flower box has a rectangular shape and can be accompanied or not by coordinated saucer. Available in various sizes and colors. See more details

millerighe box - rotational pots - decorative outdoor pot

Millerighe Flower Box

The Millerighe flower box is perfect for decorating green spaces and terraces with its style in line with the Italian taste. See more details

festoon box - rotational pots - decorative outdoor pot

Festonata flowex box

The Festonata flower box is a product of the typical Tuscan style with external decoration. Available in three different sizes it can be accompanied by a matching saucer for a perfect aesthetic result. See more details

virgo bowl - rotational pots - decorative outdoor pot

Virgo Bowl

The Virgo bowl is a smooth product that you can have in three sizes and different colors to best express your creativity in green furniture. See more details