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Garden and nursery accessories

Anti-alga mat, pvc mat, synthetic grass, non-woven fabric, printed mat, various types and sizes of ribbons, arches for greenhouses, shading, nets for the collection of olives, knives, scissors, and hardware are just some of the accessories for the nursery that Agraria Checchi has in the catalog and always available in stock.

On the catalogue you can find the complete offer with the detailed description of each product.

The most useful accessories for working in the nursery

Working in the nursery involves using a wide range of tools and accessories that allow you to facilitate and improve your business.

From the classic and inevitable tools of the nursery such as scissors, shears, branches, shovel, spade, hoe, broom, fork, small hardware tools such as keys, screwdrivers, pliers, pliers, steel wire and everything that can serve in the tillage and cultivation of plants.

  • accessori per il vivaismo